September 22, 2008

Au Revoir and Thanks for Reading

It is with great gratitude we leave our ever faithful friends and family readers, and thank you for all your support. Mystery Dinner Guest and Claude have had quite an enjoyable run at this blog but we collectively think the time has come for us to bid tout le monde au revoir and move on to brighter, bigger and better things. Next stop the great wide open. Thanks for reading.

Mystery Dinner Guest and Claude

August 20, 2008

Introducing the Intuos Tablet...

"Martha's Vineyard Red Night" by MDG

, it is a rare and dangerous day when we actually praise a product on this blog. But, we think we have just stumbled upon what might just be our next favorite gadget of all things technological. At least for the next New York Minute...

Introducing the Intuos 3 Tablet, by Wacom, which by it's branding advertises it's "for the serious photographer, designer, and artist". MDG was looking for a gadget to buy over the recent MA tax holiday weekend. Sadly, they were out of the Wii and the big flat screen seemed a bit overzealous we reached for the next best thing, we think. Check it, check it, check it out. Holy Batman, we like it.

It comes with a tablet, wireless pen and mouse you connect to your laptop/desktop. Installation is easy, guided step by step through their tutorial wizard. All connects well and you're off. Several graphic editing programs support the Intuos functionality with some of it's tools. For example, Photoshop brushes work with the pen and you can control width during the drawing line with the pen on the tablet. There's some pretty neat sh()t we've been discovering and we've just opened the cover. Double guns thumbs up from us!

Peace Out,
Mystery Dinner Guest & Claude

August 16, 2008

Good Luck configuring your Belkin Wireless Router

This post will fall into the "rant" category, which last we polled our fabulous audience was the number one area you wanted more.

So backin it up a few days, Mystery Dinner Guest was busy like a bee painting away when the ladder rungs caught in the modem and wireless router wires and kaboom! Toppling off the bookshelf and crashing onto the wood floor below went the lil devices. Now, the Comcast modem faired just fine, still working, in shape and ready to rock. The Belkin wireless router device not so much. Maybe something to do with its delicate little antennae. We don't really know or care other than to determine it no longer connected us to the internet. Seemed simple enough to fix.

Purchasing a new Belkin wireless router, we thought setting it back up would be a walk on the beach. Five days later, and several clumps of hair missing, we are back online with the router. Though no thanks to the phone conversation we had last night with Belkin technical support.

Dang we wish we had the transcript to share. We shall try our best to recreate the conversation which started after ten minutes on hold, with a helpful message about having your Product ID number ready or to hang up and call back with it... playing at the eleventh hour of hold time. Mad scramble to run downstairs, write down the id and run back to the computer still not connecting to the internet.

Ray: Hi my name is Ray. Is this an existing case or a new one?
MDG: Hi, yes this is a new issue.
Ray: Can I have your phone number?
MDG: Um, can I give you my cell number? I'm calling from a LAN line I really don't use.
Ray: Fine mam, I just need a number to call you at in case this call gets disconnected.
MDG: Ok, great. It's
Ray: Can I have your email address?
MDG: Do you need it to take this call? I'd prefer not to give it out.
Ray: Ok, we'll revisit that at the end of the call. Alright and can I get your name?
Ray: Ok, and what's your product ID?
MDG: It's F5D9230-4
Ray: And what's the model number?
MDG: Is that on the bottom of the router?
Ray: Yes.
MDG: Ok, hang on I have to run downstairs to get it for you.
*** runs downstairs to get model id, wonders why this wasn't part of the sweet message in the eleventh hour on hold ***
MDG: Ok, it's 3001.
What operating system are you on?
MDG: Well, there are two computers. One is running on Windows XP and one is running on Vista.
Ray: There are two computers?
MDG: Yes. That isn't a problem, is it?
*** long pause ***
Ray: No. Who is your internet provider?
MDG: Comcast.
Ray: So what's the problem you're having?
MDG: Well, I'm trying to install the Belkin wireless router. I have one of the computers seeing the wireless network fine and surfing the internet. The other computer will see the wireless network, but will not surf out to the internet.
Ray: So where are the two computers?
MDG: One is upstairs and is connecting wirelessly, and the second is also upstairs and is the one having the problem.
Ray: Wait, you're trying to connect to them both wirelessly?
MDG: Yes, that's why I got the router.
*** wtf? ***
Ray: You don't have one of the computers hardwired to the router?
MDG: Nooo... I have both of them in a different room than the router and am trying to connect from there.
*** seriously dude, the concept of having a wireless router at your home is not to hardwire your computer to the router ***
Ok mam, the problem is not with the Belkin wireless router in this case.
MDG: Well, what is the problem then?
Ray: The problem is with your computer. You need to call the manufacturer of your computer and ask them for support with fixing your computer.
MDG: But why can't you help me when it's having a problem connecting to your device?
Ray: Mam I cannot help you any further at this point. You need to contact the manufacturer and they are going to tell you you need to call Belkin support and what you really need to do is figure out the problem with your computer.
*** did I just get bitch slapped by this guy or what? ***
MDG: Ok, well seriously, I think you need to have a conversation with your Manager and tell them that they should be providing you with some kind of additional resources to give people like me when they call with this kind of a problem. You can't tell me that I'm the first person to call in with this kind of a problem?
Ray: No.
MDG: And so you're giving me no information on how to resolve this?
Ray: The problem is not the wireless router. The router is working fine. You just told me that one computer is surfing the internet with it. You need to fix your computer. The router is working.
MDG: Ok, well I still think that you should tell your Manager that I'm an unsatisfied customer with your technical support and they should consider providing some more resources. You didn't help me at all. You didn't give me any information I didn't have before this call, and now you're telling me it's my problem. How are you offering technical support? *** huge exhale *** MDG: I hope you have a good night.
*** disconnects the line and heads downstairs for the Vodka ***

Now all I'm left to wonder is what would Claude have done? Would he have handled it differently? Would he have been able to sweet talk Ray Ray into giving it up, telling him the precious piece of information to connect to the internet?